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How To Be Coached With Pocket Coach

Pocket Coach is a curated framework broken into four broad categories: Groundwork, Anxiety Management, Structure and Enhancement. These are the exact same strategies which I use when I coach my clients in real life. In other words, with Pocket Coach, you get to be “coached” by me, at your own convenience, every single time you need to make a presentation.

A Tool of 28 Cards That Helps You Analyse, Structure & Write Speeches

You can place these cards wherever you want – on your wall, table, floor or any other available surface – with sticky tape or adhesive putty. 

Each deck has a comprehensive coaching guide to guide you through the 28 cards, you can arm yourself with post-its and a pen, and start working on your speech! 

The cards are divided into four main groups and will coach you through the process of creating and delivering your presentation.

Screenshot 2021-09-24 at 7.30.26 PM

Each group has been colour coded and divided into various subtopics, with questions to get you thinking and planning for speech. 

Tackle each topic before going on to the next, jotting down notes
on your sticky notes and placing them somewhere you can see them clearly so you will be prompted along the way. 

Take A Look How It Feels Like An Actual Coaching Session

I Am Eager To Help You On This Journey, So Let’s Get Started!

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