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How to Deliver Great Presentations & Communicate

With These 4 Proven Methods Used By Top Entrepreneurs & CEOs

Hi, it’s not by accident you came to this page

I assume you’re here because you want to discover the real secrets to making speeches, pitching a sales idea to captivate your audience or presenting to your board of directors.

Often times, we spend a great deal of time in preparing the data, amazing slides with beautiful design and somehow you couldn’t convey the ultimate message across and your presentation falls flat at the end of the day.

You make a lot of presentations, But Still Struggle...

To overcome the anxiety, experience sweaty palms, body shivering or legs shaking.

Your message to your audience is clear and concise but you still fail to inspire them to take action.

You struggle to convey your ideas across to your audience in a cohesive and structured manner.

I've Been Here Before, I Want To Buy Now

Have You Ever Missed Out On An Opportunity And Couldn’t Speak Only To Look Back And Think

“I Should’ve Said This?”

Do you feel like you have a powerful message to share but you completely drop the ball and can’t communicate it effectively when you need to?

Does the thought of making presentations make you feel “Icky” and uncomfortable?

Have you ever said something and instantly realised you put your foot in your mouth and lost your audience?

Do you have a lot of ideas but fail to convey to your audiences?

Before we move forward, let me introduce myself….

Hi, My Name Is Alfred Netto

I’m a Professional Certified Coach, TEDx Keynote Speaker, Motivational Speaker, and Author.

I have proven successful track record of empowering C-suites and executives to speak, work, and perform the best way they can.

"Of all the speeches I head today in the TEDx, Alfred speech stood out the most. His storytelling skills captivated me and brought back certain memories."

Tun Ling Liong Sik

I have successfully imparted my knowledge with clients such as...

OCBC, Prime Minister Office of Malaysia, SAP, Prudential, On Semiconductor, Tokio Marine Insurance, AIA Malaysia, MUDA Holdings Bhd, PPB Berhad, Motorola,Taylors University, Nottingham University, Royal Malaysian Police, SME Bank,Malaysia International Chamber of Commerce and many more.

Some of the companies I’ve worked with

Your Presentation Skills Changes Today

You see, in many movies...

From epic fantasy trilogy The Lord of the Rings to The One and Only blockbuster Avengers Endgame.

Also in many famous speeches – Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream”.

James Cameron’s 1997 romantic blockbuster Titanic was so compelling that the movie won 14 Academy Awards and moviegoers still remember it more than two decades later!

The launch of iPhone by Steve Jobs in 2007 keynote is still the best presentation of all time. 

They all have in common, uses this tried and tested rule, follows this structured format.

I’m talking about a fast, sure-fire, proven framework that I have been using in all my communications.

Transform yourself Into A Master Speaker & Storyteller In No Time

Presentations are an everyday occurrence in today’s workplace.

From the interview process to interactions with coworkers, to positioning ideas, and all the way to sales pitches, Presentation Skills are paramount to success in the workplace

“The virtual session was compact and productive, the engagement of the session was fantastic. He holds his audience’s attention and leaves them with plenty to think about.”
Clement Chew
“The Content, Storytelling & knowledge is as valuable as any “in-person” workshop that I personally attended. It totally changed my perspective that virtual training is dull or not as good as in person training. Alfred’s energy and genuine interest create an amazing connection with everyone. “
Datuk Clifford Hii
“During MCO It was a very stressful moment for the entire company, Alfred’s online keynote transported us to a whole new thinking and challenged us to shift our perspective to pivot and do more. I love the practical examples that are relevant to everyone.”
Valerie Ong

Imagine If You’re Able To…

  • Craft any story to make the invisible benefits of your product vivid and real for your customer.
  • Adding value to your products and services in a way that will make price irrelevant.
  • Hack the brain to disrupt the decision making process.
  • Ace the job interview you have always wanted.
  • Have less miscommunication, less stress and a happy life!
  • Reduce resistance in people & make them receptive to your message
  • Be the trusted authority that others look up to
  • Flawlessly articulate your message

Having been a coach for over a decade...

I have worked with hundreds of business leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, young executives as well as fresh graduates, and broached various aspects of being in the public eye, from storytelling and presentations to mastering leadership and communication skills.

It’s a wonderful thing to see how much coaching can transform a person. Coaching has the ability to shift your perspective and give you those incredible “aha” moments. It empowers you to move forward and take action.

Racked with disappointment for not being able to assist more people...

I realised one day that I needed to address this gap. 

What if created something so simple that anyone could pick up, at any time, go through on their own and feel like I was there right next to them? 

And the best part is that the more you use it, the less you will need to rely on it. 

Once you start getting the hang of things, there’s no looking back. 

You’ll be able to present the best version of yourself every time you stand in front of an audience.

And that’s how the idea for
POCKET COACH was born….

These are the exact same strategies which I use when I coach my clients in real life. 

In other words, you get to be “coached” by me, at your own convenience, every single time you need to make a presentation.

In other words, with POCKET COACH, you get to be “coached” by me, at your own convenience, every single time you need to make a presentation. 

You will be able to neatly organise your ideas so you can present them effortlessly, and become a better communicator by overcoming your anxiety and giving structure to your speeches

Some of the companies I’ve worked with
"Alfred’s ability to structure my presentation into a stories that are related to each other is simply amazing. He is funny and engaging which makes the sessions fun. If you want to bring your presentation to the next level, Alfred is the go-to coach."
Dato Loy Teik Ngan
"It was very engaging at so many different level that allowed everyone to be fully into the session and flow together. I would say itspossibly even better than in a classroom setting. Alfred made it more intimate."
Seah Kian Hoe
"As we gear for the new normal, Alfred’s practical strategies were able to help them make that mindset switch and his humour and stories able to connect to everyone’s heart."
Kent Chua

POCKET COACH Is Unlike Anything Else On The Planet

It’s a complete system broken down into a simple formula

With a Coach Guide & 28 amazing coaching cards to guide you through our coaching process. 

It covers things like making preparations, researching, getting to know your topics and how to execute in any environment including sales, negotiations and public speaking.

You will no longer have to figure out what to say or do. You will have a simple framework to access anytime you need it.

And that’s just the beginning…

This Works For Anyone With A Message To Share Including Consultants, Business Owners, Executives And Sales People…

You will have all the tools you need to ensure people find value in what you share with them.

And you know what else…

POCKET COACH Is Super Simple To Use

I’ve removed all the guesswork. 

You don’t need to read 10 different books on psychology, speaking, gesturing, NLP and salesmanship. 

It’s all been packaged into 4 simple frameworks.

And here’s the cool part…

It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Shy Or Lack Confidence

POCKET COACH includes confidence & charisma techniques

That specifically help you overcome these issues and get your head together.

So you’ll no longer be anxious or nervous when speaking to others. You will be able to walk into the room and own it and magnetize people towards you.

And you know what else…

You Don’t Need To Make Major Changes To The Way You Already Speak

In fact, you are already speaking in these ways at certain times. The objective is to channel that state whenever you want.

You will be viewed as a trusted expert who should be respected and listened to.

And here’s the cool part…

You Don’t Need To Worry About Memorizing Any Kinds Of Scripts & You Will No Longer Get “Tripped Up” And Unsure Of What To Say Or Do

POCKET COACH focuses more on the way your message is articulated rather than the message itself. The message is yours. The method just shows you how to better organize it and add punch to it. 

But even if things do go awry, the POCKET COACH has you covered.

You will know exactly what to say and do in situations where your presentation is moving in an undesired direction.

And you know what else makes this really interesting…

It Doesn't Matter If You Fear Public Speaking

The biggest reason people fear public speaking is lack of preparation

This causes them to create fake scenarios that they think will take place because they’re not prepared

This will no longer be an issue because you will be fully prepared to re-frame, re-shift and re-focus anxiety.

And as I said before…

This Does Not Involve Doing Anything Sleazy Or Manipulative

When you present something that people actually value and that you’re passionate about you don’t need to lie or push people to do things that won’t benefit them.

Your audience will respect and trust you. They will also thank you for simplifying the complex and teaching them something new

You Will Be Able To Start Using This Method Instantly

This means you can start learning now and begin using immediately to educate, sell and inspire others to do what you want.

By now, you see how and why the POCKET COACH is so effective at showing you how to deliver a clear, captivating message that grabs your audience’s attention and inspires and influences them to become customers, clients and raving fans.

And you understand what makes it so powerful for delivering a message that moves people to the action that you want them to move towards.

And that’s why today, I want to give you the opportunity to put it to work for you in my brand new POCKET COACH.

Let me tell you what it will do for you, and how quickly it will work, and everything you get today.


compilation of many helpful coaching tools, tips and tricks, tweaked and tailored to fit snugly into a set of cards

It provides a step by step guide on how you can prepare yourself both mentally and physically before any presentation. 

Once you’ve learnt these techniques, your speeches will start to flow naturally and you’ll have your audiences hooked in no time.

A Tool of 28 Cards That Helps You Analyse, Structure & Write Speeches

You can place these cards wherever you want – on your wall, table, floor or any other available surface – with sticky tape or adhesive putty. 

Each deck has a comprehensive coaching guide to guide you through the 28 cards, you can arm yourself with post-its and a pen, and start working on your speech! 

The cards are divided into four main groups and will coach you through the process of creating and delivering your presentation

Each group has been colour coded and divided into various subtopics, with questions to get you thinking and planning for speech. 

Tackle each topic before going on to the next, jotting down notes
on your sticky notes and placing them somewhere you can see them clearly so you will be prompted along the way. 

These are to help you as you prepare for your speech or Presentation. 

Pocket Coach Review

Take A Look How It Feels Like An Actual Coaching Session

I Am Eager To Help You On This Journey, So Let’s Get Started!


We have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to reduce extreme poverty and restore healthy forest by employing local people to plant 1 tree for every 1 pack we sell.

Eden Reforestation Projects is a 501c3 non-profit whose mission is to provide fair wage
employment to impoverished villagers as agents of global forest restoration. We hire the poorest
of the poor to grow, plant, and guard to maturity native species forest on a massive scale.
Our “Employ to Plant” methodology results in a multiplication of positive socio-economic and
environment measures.

Pocket Coach loves the environment, and our planet, and we vow to do all we can to be as eco-friendly as possible. We have gone above and beyond to ensure that while helping people becoming better at presentations, we do everything necessary to leave the whole world a more beautiful and safe place.

We plant a tree with every pack you purchased.

  • They hire the local villagers to plant trees. This gives them a consistent income so they can provide for their families.
  • As the reforestation effort goes on, healthy forest begin to emerge and the negative effects of deforestation begin to disappear.
  • Since they began, over 250 million trees have been planted around the world in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia & Mozambique.
Tress Planted
Work Days Provided
Countries Planted In

Today’s Price – RM 127

If you want to master the art of presentation skills then POCKET COACH is for you.

There’s no need to wait and pay more.

Order today and save.

Love + Respect 

Alfred Netto

PS – Remember by ordering today you are getting a huge discount. There’s no need to pay more. Order now and save

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